Buffalo Bills Playoff Possibility

  • The playoffs are looming

    The Buffalo Bills have a successful 2022 online season in the Madden Franchise League, currently beeing in week 14 of 18.

    The team is currently sitting at a 10-2-0 record, and have a winning percentage of 0.833 which puts them in the 6th seed in the playoffs as they have not played the week 14 game yet. Therefore the Bills are possibly leading the AFC East division after week 14 and have a chance to secure the division title with their remaining games.

    In the upcoming weeks, they will play against the New York Jets (4-8-0), Miami Dolphins (1-11-0), Chicago Bears (5-8-0), Cincinnati Bengals (11-1-0), and New England Patriots (10-3-0). The Bengals and the Patriots are currently seeded 2nd (6th) and 3rd, respectively, which means that the Bills will have some tough competition in the remaining games.

    In the playoffs, the Denver Broncos are currently the top seed with a 13-0-0 record, followed by the Cincinnati Bengals, New England Patriots, Houston Texans and Kansas City Chiefs. The Bills are currently the 6th seed with a record of 10-2-0 and a divisional record of 2-1-0. The last playoff spot is occupied by the LA Chargers which own a record of 7-5-0.

    It's worth noting that the Patriots and the Bengals are both 4-0-0 in divisional record, which means that the Bills have to secure a win over the Patriots in Week 18 to secure the divisional title and possibly move up to a higher seed in the playoff if both teams have the same record at the end of the year.

    On the bubble we have the Baltimore Ravens (5-7-0), New York Jets (4-8-0) and Cleveland Browns (4-8-0).

    Overall, the Buffalo Bills have a strong season and are well-positioned for a playoff run, however, they will need to maintain their level of play (the level before the Patriots game in week 13) and secure wins in their remaining games to secure a higher seed and the divisional title.

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